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Dr. Burnett has done more humane work than anyone in region

I have known Dr. Burnett for a long time, and I adopted two cats and one dog from her hospital-- she was rescuing animals and finding new homes for them even before she founded the Pender County Humane Society and acted for years as its president and main fundraiser. She hosted them at her facility for ten years. She continues to do humane work. A conservative estimate of her donations to PCHS in facilities use (space, utilities, etc) and medical services is over $175,000. That does NOT include the value of medical services and staff time spent on caring for hurricane rescue animals. No one else in the region even comes close to matching her generosity. Yet the PCHS has been vilifying her for several years (ever hear of killing the goose that lays the golden egg?) PCHS continues to portray that they were evicted (not true; they signed a mutual agreement about leaving) and that it all came as a surprise. Dr. Burnett had been asking them about their plans to leave for three years. She finally had to resort to legal action after they took a legal action against her, which I notice they do not talk about. However, it will all come out eventually. Meanwhile, ask yourself this: What would you do if you took someone in, and housed them rent and utility free for ten years? Then, when you asked them their plan to get a home of their own, they slapped a lien on your house? There are two sides to every story. Dr. Burnett may not be perfect, but she has done more for animals and humane work than anyone else in this entire region.


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