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For your information!!!!!!! These Businesses should not have to ASK THE CITY to put these DIRECTIONAL signs up!!! The City should have taken care of that long before the project started on Monday!! It should not be an added expense for those Business Owners!! It's not the Homeowners or Business owners fault for the project. You should come down here during the day and see all the construction trucks blocking the signs at the end of the Brooks Building....that's not fair for those people in that Building. The City needs to put up more signs for the people walking from the Hilton as to which way the traffic flow goes and also and the end of Market St. It's confussing the way it is and if you walk on the back of the Brooks Buidling there are NO signs up on the Riverside. Let's not forget this project will affect other businesses on Water St. as well and too with the way the City has lack of Directional Signage. Those Businesses include The City Market, The George, Elijah's, Pilot House and the Chandler Wharf areas!!!!


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