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About his interview

Being a personal friend of Kevin, and knowing and having seen all the paperwork from text and emails from him and the regional manager there is more to this than just a few tidbits of information that you saw on tv. In all the texts and emails that he saved, positive forward progression was being made towards him securing the position. As a matter of fact, one of the emails from the regional manager of that company stating 'we are attempting to match or better what you were making, however we need to confirm those salaries'. Kevin did NOT want to ever sue, nor did he ever seek legal advice, the news reporter did that on her own. The only reason Kevin brought up his orientation is that same as what most of us 'straight' people do when asked to tell a little about us personally, think about it, how many times have any of you ever said, I've been married for x number of years and have x number of the picture. He's very much the professional in all walks of life, I should know, our friendship dates back almost 20 years and he's the godfather of my daughter. It's easy to point negatives, but until you have walked in another's shoes and have been put in that situation, then you never really know what the person has been through. Kevin's objective was to do nothing more than bring awareness of how discrimination is discrimination regardless of however laws are written. That shouldn't be too hard to understand.


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