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Also wondering

I do wonder also why this even came up in the interview. If he was so close to being hired, one can only assume he is qualified for the job. Why even mention the fact that he is gay? Did he want a special parking space? Leave it alone. Now, here's the devil's advocate. What if he was hired and since he thought it important enought to mention in the interview, he brought that lifestyle to work? Now you have a staff of straight employees who are hit on by a gay man and the men he hit on are uncomfortable. You now have a hostile work environment. Guess what folks, private business is at-will employment. If the owner of the company didn't want to hire him because that is what he feared, too bad. He shouldn't have mentioned it. A qualified person, straight or gay, deserves to be given a chance to do the job. Keep your personal life personal. Leave it at the door. Now, one more thing. I love the law and everything about it, but I don't agree with not enforcing it as it is written. The sexual acts gays commit in their "relationships" are FELONIES in NC. FACT! You wanna be gay, have at it. Dont rub it in my face, and I won't tell you about my wonderful marriage to my wife. I couldn't care less if anyone is gay or not but don't use it as a crutch to and cry descrimination when it costs you something. I think it's time for the region to have a straight pride parade and celebrate being straight and single or married to the opposite sex.Sorry, I got off on an rant had to point out a couple things.


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