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here's the flip side of the coin

Well, let me set the record a bit straight here, no pun intended. There is alot to be had said for the basic version of what you saw on tv. Let's talk about my FIRST interview where I DID NOT reveal my sexual orientation, I represented myself in a professional manner and listed my achievements and skills and background that won over the Regional Manager I was interviewing with. Only until one of my friends pointed out to me that on 'that companys' website that they do not discriminate based on sexual orientation did we both say, hmm, they must be gay friendly. Anyway, numerous texts and emails were exchanged between myself and the Regional Manager, all positive in nature, and just a few days before the 'final interview' with his superior, I was asked for personal and professional references be given and they were called and evidently glowing referrals must have been given, as the next email he sent to me asked me to submit my w-2's as they were 'willing to match or better my current salary'. I have over 2 dozen emails that I saved as if anyone with common sense were to read them, they would say, 'hmm, that guy is going to get that job'. I am NOT ASHAMED of who I am. I also have had the unfortunate experience of having lost 2 other jobs in the past 20 years because of me being gay, as my employers just were not accepting of that. One even referred to me as 'you sick people' And you know what recourse I had, NONE, Nada, zip, as here in most southern states we are employed at-will. So I accept that and move on. I have not sought out any legal representation, that was done solely on the part of the news reporter. As my 'friend' earlier said, think how many of you have ever stated to someone in an interview about your family, your children etc. Why should my comment about being in a partnered relationship for 10 years be any different. All it is, is your own mindset. For the guy who commented about me being a manager working with a bunch of straight men and 'hitting on them', are you an idiot? I am a professional manager, period. I know how easy it is to cast judgment on things most of you don't understand, but the unfortunate part is, I now know what the African American people have gone through when they are discriminated against because of nothing more than race. It hurts, and now I have been through it 3 times. As I told my friend, the only reason I contacted the news folks was to just create awareness, as just because that's they 'way it is', doesn't make it right. My skills and qualifications are now being served by a company who actually preaches what it states, they DO NOT discriminate against sexual orientation, and it is gay friendly.


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