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Consider this

As a manager, I have two primary goals: Accomplish my assigned mission of running my department or business at a profit and to take care of the current employees who make that possible. If I'm a good manager, I know my people. I know their strengths and weaknesses, their skills and the areas they need to develop. Now, let's say that you're an accountant, a very good accountant, and you are interested in a position in our growing accounts receivable department. During your interview, it comes out that you are gay. I happen to know that the head of my Finance Department, an absolutely brillaint leader, is rabidly anti-gay. I also know that he's a great accountant too, a good boss, and the departments under him all exhibit great loyalty towrd him. He's producing the results I expect of him. Do you think I'm going to hire you? Do you think I'm even going to schedule a time for him to meet you? Work isn't a social egineering laboratory. We have no time to deal with being politically correct or trying to alter human behavior. The person who didn't hire you may have absolutely nothing against gay men, but simply knew that because of the existing people, it wouldn't be a good mix. And no manager or leader with a brain is going to tear his organization apart trying to make you fit in. I fully agree that your sexual preference has no bearing on your ability to do your job, but welcome to reality. Predjudice against gays IS widespread, and I'm not risking my organization's smooth oeration and profitability to be noble. A far better alternative would be to remain a "stealth gay," get hired and let your co-workers get to know you. Then, eventually, over time, it will come out that you are gay. By then you are part of the team. Sure, it might still blow up and you may eventually leave because the accounting head now hates you. But if you're really THAT GOOD, he's not going to drive you away. He's not so stupid as to get rid of one of HIS best people. It might even do a world of good, by decreasing his predjudice toward gays. You have now seen that a frontal attack isn't always your best option. Sometimes a covert flanking movement is a far better option.


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