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You think this is a hilarious topic? My 17 year and 6 day old son was not a middle aged heroin junkie wondering the streets. The fact is you may never even know it if you are sitting next to someone who has an addiction. You must watch too much TV, because what you see as an "addict" on TV is not reality in all cases. My son was a high school student with dreams of his future. Somehow he took the wrong path, not sure where, when or how, but he is dead. My son (from what I have been told) had used heroin for about 3 months. He was not a junkie. He was punished for taking an illegal drug with his life. That is the ultimate punishment don't you think? His dealer didn't just sell him drugs, he sold him death. The dealer sold drugs to support his own drug habit (he was paid with drugs) and two other teenagers overdosed at this dealers house within two months after my son died. He needs to be behind bars and held accountable for his part in my sons death. He did sell him death afterall. People should't comment on something that they know nothing about, your comments are simply opinions. Come back and lets see how you feel when someone VERY close to you dies. I promise you will be whistiling a very different tune. Are you still amused? Is it still hilarious??


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