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JUSTICE FOR NICK (could be your son, child, sister/brother)

For those that have missed an important fact: Both of the deceased’s family has admitted (as hard as it might be) they know their family member was responsible for his/her own actions…neither one was forced to take drugs. Both surviving family members realize their deceased loved one has paid the ultimate price for making a wrong and illegal decision….they willingly took an illegal substance and DIED. The surviving families are simply asking for JUSTICE. It is ILLEGAL to TAKE an illegal substance, however it is also ILLEGAL to SELL/GIVE an illegal substance. There were two parties involved in an ILLEGAL activity. One party has died because of participating in illegal activity…what consequences did the DRUG DEALER suffer? NONE. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THIS? For those that have not heard….”you are supposed to go to College for a degree in Pharmacy” to distribute/sell prescription drugs…otherwise if you choose to take on this profession …you are DRUG DEALER. Did you know that if a Pharmacist makes a MISTAKE and sells/fills a prescription incorrectly that causes harm to an individual, that PHARMACIST can be charged/sued. For those that have the philosophy that there should be no consequences for the DRUG DEALER….is that because they didn’t go to College so they don’t know any better than to sell prescription drugs so they can plead ignorance? PLEASE! To ALL the individuals that want to place blame on the Parents for not instilling the morals necessary to cause their child to abstain….you should attend a few seminars on ADDICTION. Sadly, many of the individuals that take drugs, bring about their own death…know the path they are on and cannot stop. Many will seek help, hospitalization and counseling for their addiction and yet WILL relapse…it is a DISEASE known as ADDICTION. These individuals CHOOSE to take drugs because they are victims of this DISEASE. It is a difficult and horrible disease to overcome. The success rate is not great…but it is worth the try...failure at their attempt, many times is DEATH. Just as many struggle to survive the disease of CANCER or AIDS…addicts struggle to survive the disease of ADDICTION. It’s difficult for an addict…because it means a COMPLETE LIFE CHANGE…many times it means moving physically, which is an expense (sadly) that some can’t afford. Hospitalization is an expense that many can't pay for and many times the payment for treatment of this disease is required "upfront". You may ask why that would affect the success rate of an addict kicking the habit. Well, because of the DRUG DEALER…they KNOW that their best customer is the ADDICT. Not only is the drug dealer guilty of an illegal act, but he is also taking advantage of a person with a disease. Society would not tolerate this if it were a person with Cancer or AIDS taken advantage of…why would one believe it is acceptable to take advantage of a person with a disease such as ADDICTION. When you have personally heard stories of how people really do want to change their life, how they really do want to remove the illegal drugs from their lives and you know with all of your heart that they are sincere…yet, somehow can’t manage to do it….you’ve got to know that it’s the sad disease known as ADDICTION. This disease not only affects the diseased person but it affects the entire family. Unless you are masochist, you cannot enjoy an addict’s lifestyle. DRUG DEALERS know that there will ALWAYS be a demand for illegal drugs….because their best customers have the disease of ADDICTION. Drug dealers know that many of those best customers WILL DIE. For those that feel that is acceptable…WOW. How can you defend your position…or maybe you are an addict or drug dealer simply trying to maintain the current law for your own benefit? One would wonder. Nick and Renee have died for a cause, which has affected more than one addict. I am sure many of his/her friends were/are addicts….that is how it happens. Maybe their death will cause a “life changing” effect that will prevent the death of others…”become a recovering addict and stick with it”. Be one more person to take away that reason for the DRUG DEALER with the “supply and demand” theory. However, for those in the future that do not make it…everyone should know that the ADDICT is a guilty party but only because he has a debilitating disease and the DRUG DEALER is simply A GUILTY PARTY. AMMEND THE LAW…..JUSTICE FOR NICK! Interested Citizen


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