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Wow... Let's take a logical

Wow... Let's take a logical look at the situation. A man allegedly sold a quantity of drugs to an individual that overdosed on them. If he is even the true culprit for providing the "illicit drugs" than so be it. However, the fact still remains that the death of the individual was that of her own design. Every time an individual purchases an illicit substance, they know the risks involved with such. More over, the fact she was addicted to opiates/opioids, she most likely didn't care. In the cases of addiction one seems to forget the basic rules of dealing with an unknown substance, testing for purity and concentration. Seems to me, that if she really cared to live she would have bothered to research one or the other. In addition to the fact that her own ignorance was the causative agent in her death, it is very possible she didn't understand dosing. Either way, an individual takes their own life in their hands when they choose to become involved with the substance. In the end, it is her fault. Why don't we all arrest firearms manufacturers for creating firearms, that individuals choose kill themselves with? In no way should the "dealer" be held responsible for her death, it was her fault. It seems to me that the parents, regardless of their stated stance, have a vendetta of revenge. In the end, if she hadn't purchased it from him then she would have eventually found the product that she was searching for. Social darwinism at it's best.


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