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Don't be so quick to judge...

It's sad to me that so many people jump to blame bad parenting for their children's decisions. Once a person reaches a certain age, they are responsible for their own decisions. Parents can only do so much and then they have to let go and hope that the lessons that they have taught have gotten through to their kids. Both of these families have admitted that their loved one's decisions contributed to their deaths. However, the drug dealer also made a decision in the particular lifestyle that they are living as well. They made the decision to sell the drug to these young people and they should be held accountable for that decision. As far as the other people that have been mentioned (ie. the automobile makers, pastors, and the shoe companies) I think that it's a great idea that these companies and individuals accept a small amount of responsibility, and in turn, encourage their employees to give both financially and with time and talents to community support organizations that help these individuals. If there were more support for these causes, maybe there would be less additions and deaths. It's been mentioned before that addition is a disease and I hope that more people wake up and realize that it's a disease that affects people regardless of race, gender, economic income and parent teachings and values. Anyone at anytime could become addicted to drugs. For example, you could be in a car accident and get addicted to the perscription pain killers. Guess what - It's a lifelong addition. I hope that all those so quick to judge aren't faced with the loss that these two families have experienced.


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