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In Response to "Casing The Joint"

The article was not meant to "talk down to anybody", however there are those that will take it that way I'm sure..but must ask themselves why? No one can answer that but the person that it has affected in that manner. My keyboard skills are such that "SWITCHING in AND out OF caps LOCK" is not a bother to me, and I do find that when I choose to EMPHASIS a particular word, it's a great way to do just that. ( This method of emphasing verbage has nothing to do with whether one understands English either. ) The "dumb cop show" that you speak of is not a show that I'm familiar with...I choose to spend my time on more educational topics. Your comment was directed soley at my "writing skills" and did not address any portion of the original article. Please, if you can't find comments to share concerning the "true subject" one might believe that you really "didn't get what I was saying". Your response to my article sounds to me as though you might be trying to be somewhat of a sarcastic critic...therefore, I hope my reply meets with your approval and you get this one too. Back to the subject: JUSTICE FOR NICK! Interested Citizen


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