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By saying the drug dealers are not responsible for there actions is letting then get away with an injustice. Yes people make there own choices and their choice was to sell and illegal substance. They chose to possibly kill someone when they sell drugs. They are not twisting anyone's arm to take what they sell but they are thing of the consequences to their actions either. I think they should be held responsible in some way. If you have plastic surgery and it goes wrong you or your family can sue the doctor even though no one twisted you arm to have the surgery right? I understand it is not illegal to have the surgery but you made the choice so should you not pay for it? The toxicology report is not in and for all we know what Nick thought what he was taking was different that what he actually was given. Most controlled substances do not put the name of the product on the product. Not that it would help now but don't you think they should? Is it possible the dealer thought she was giving one type of drug and gave a different one? Unless the dealer is held responsible we will not know why what he took brought upon his death. When exactly did it become ok to for a person not to be held responable for the action's they choose to take?


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