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I think it's hilarious that

I think it's hilarious that just because u lose a loved one to drugs we actually hold the right to punish the person who sold it to them. I honestly think that the best way to deal with the crime of drug dealing is to not leave anybody to deal to in the first place. Mainly because in this day and age, we have seen the results of what all these drugs do to the generations before us, and if we in turn decide to follow in that same path we should be held responsible. If u are disgusted by the crack-heads and heroin junkies that roam the streets and wonder how these middle-aged people ended up ruining their lives, how can you possibly end up down the same road? Our generation is more screwed than the test dummies that tried in the first place, and it's not because there are more dealers. It's because there are more people that think everything can be hidden under a rug because in some way they are different from the rest. Leave the dealers alone.


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