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Very interesting debate.

Very interesting debate. Even more interesting is the fact that people try to prosecute the drug dealer. Of course, they should be locked up for selling an illegal substance, however, they should under no circumstances be held responsible for the death of any user. It is rather funny how many Americans twist and turn their "principles" the way it fits the current situation. How about the gun retailers? Let me remind you that the sole purpose of a gun is to kill/destruct somebody/something. So when Jack goes out to kill his sister, we should, of course, prosecute the gun dealer/manufacturer. Right? For that he sold a gun that has no other use than some form of destruction. How about the cigarette retailers/manufacturers? Lock them up, too. I am sorry for the loss of the young man, but at 24 it is time to take responsibility for your action. That is exactly what is wrong with a lot of our young people these days. They are never responsible for what they do. It is always somebody else who has to bleed for their actions.


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