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Kids and violence

It's not going to be what you're thinking, so there! :P "Moises Rivera, a 14-year-old boxer said, "You get to meet new people, AND BEAT THEM UP!, and it's fun. You see things you've never seen." " Fixed for accuracy and humor. :) "Kashif El-Amin, a 15-year-old boxer said, "I like the winning, ..." Sssshhhhh!!! You're not supposed to tell people that! It's not about the winning, remember? It's about "having fun". :) "Alexandria is from South Carolina and won her division Thursday night. She is excited about the win, but disappointed the rules do not let females advance to nationals or the Olympics. "I say girls should do whatever they want to. Most people don't think that females should do it," Alexandria said." For many older folks, it's harder to push forward and accept females into a violent, contact sport. Many intelligent folks know that ANYONE with skill can perform, but many are stuck on teachings that go far back. Long has been taught that "boys don't hit girls", rather than "you shouldn't hit anyone and no one has the right to hit you". Of course, when it comes to willing participation, such as sports, then merely having skills and playing within the rules should negate that issue within the bounds of the rules. Still, habits, even taught as "good habits" or "manners" or such are still hard to break. My personal opinion is that ALL sports should be integrated fully. Some would argue that there is a justification to segregation, but it is easy to yank physical evidence to the contrary. Still, it's a lot easier to say that integration should be required on non-contact sports versus contact sports. I certainly wouldn't fight against integration, but when it comes to contact sports, my long past teachings would make it hard to actively fight in favor of it, no matter how right integration should be. Even so, even with segration, there should be equal opportunity for national and olympic recognition and competition as well. On another note, I do note the contradiction in society that violent sports, especially for young kids, is a "good" thing, while violent media (books, music, TV/movies, video/computer games, etc) is "bad". Make up your mind folks. If participating in REAL violence in the form of sports (boxing or even hunting (yes, a "sport")) is "good", then being exposed to fictional material in various media formats shouldn't be considered "bad" automatically simply because it contains violence. All in all, I'm not knocking violent sports. These are willingly participated in (unless the Parent has forced their child to participate) and they do have set ground rules. Yeah, I know, you thought I was going to scream "abuse!" didn't ya? Fooled ya! :P Andrew


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