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People Don't Know How To Drive

The problem in Wilmington is not traffic. It's people that don't know how to drive. At left turn lanes when light turns green the majority of people look like deer in the headlights. When they do finally start to move it's one-at-a-time. I lived in Pittsburgh I would say about four times more cars would get through a turn light than they do here. So what you get is a long line of cars backed up at the light. When the light turns maybe four or five cars will go just because they are so slow. People in this town just don't understand turn lanes, or acceleration and de-acceleration lanes. If you're driving down Market St and you are going to make a left turn, get fully into the middle lane. Don't half-a$$ it and continue to impede traffic behind you. The NC driver's test is basically to have an understanding of road signs. The only problem with that is, no one here reads signs. Wilmington's basic traffic problem is just cars backed up at red lights. When the light turns green, MOVE and each successive person MOVE! I want Wilmington to require drivers to install wind sails on their cars cause I think they would move quicker, because they sure can't step on the gas.


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