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Lights in Wilmington

First off, all of the traffic lights in Wilmington that are on state maintained roads within the city limits are owned by NCDOT. NCDOT pays the City to repair and maintain these lights. The City has their own traffic signal people, with a full line of bucket trucks, engineers and technicians to do the work, they simply choose not to. NCDOT's traffic signal people simply don't have the manpower available, since NCDOT laid off all of their temporary employees (which they heavily rely on for manpower) effective January 9 2009. These contracting companies are hired to do a complete revamping of the signal system. They install completely new control equipment, new lights, and pavement sensors, new poles, etc...whatever needs to be done to "upgrade" an intersection. I agree about people just sitting there when the light turns green. The same thing happens in Jacksonville. 3 or 4 cars get thru on a green arrow. Everyone is in a big hurry to get to the light, but they sit there when it is their turn. Its really simple...when your light turns green, **quickly** look in all directions to make sure no one is "crashing" the light and then go. This should take a decent and well experienced driver less than 1/2 of a second to complete. I used to maintain alot of these signals in Wilmington. Some of them definitely do need upgrading as some of the control equipment on them is well over 25 years old. New controllers are around 3 to 4 thousand, each new light costs around 300.00 and the pavement sensors are around 1500.00 each...a lot of money getting ready to be spent here on these two projects.....


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