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It's always funny that each transplant thinks he or she is the

only person who has moved here and that every other driver in traffic was born and raised here. Take a look at the numbers genius: As of 2006, nearly half of New Hanover County was born in other states. I started driving here during the 80s and we didn't have the problems then that we do now. People didn't manically crisscross three lanes of traffic in order to run a red light so that the cars who didn't make the light can be behind them at the next one. Also, check the demographics of Wilmington. Old people are retiring here and young people are moving here to go to school. The problem in Wilmington these days is that people who are moving here are learning how to drive and forgetting how at the same time. For that matter, a lot of the older drivers spent their lives using public transportation so it's like a bunch of gray haired, 16 year old know it alls on our roads. Also, apparently, your fellow Pittsburgh drivers don't think it's such a driver's Utopia up there. Check out the rants and raves about driving on "The Burgh" on Craigslist: There were tons of other threads about the poor drivers in Pittsburgh but they contained language that I'm sure would make certain that this post wouldn't see the light of day if I pasted them in but search for them on the Pittsburgh Craigslist for yourself by using terms such as traffic, signals, driver, driving, etc. What was so funny about that particular thread was that one Pittsburgh driver attempted to school the others on the use of turn signals and didn't even know which side of the steering wheel the signal is located! LOL!


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