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Problems with lights

I don't live in New Hanover - I live in Brunswick but I do come up to Wilmington for doctor's appointments and other things. One thing that I have noticed in Wilmington and here in Brunswick County, along with many other places, is that it is not necessarily a light problem, as it is a driver problem. In many cases, there are blatant disregards for the lights. I have seen numerous instances of red lights being run when the car could have stopped but didn't. That in most cases is more of self importance than anything else. People are in a hurry to get somewhere and they feel they have the right of way. As for those of you complaining about people not moving when a light turns green, for most it is a safety issue. Too many times I have seen someone jump the light when it turns green and watch some knothead go barreling through the light and just miss an accident. When the light turns green, take a moment and look, and then proceed. It could save your life. Also, another pet peeve - people, just remember, right on red is not a gimmee! NC law states that you still come to a full stop and then turn right on red if it is clear to do so. I have had so many people turn right on red, without even slowing down, and pull out in front of me or someone else. If you are responsible enough to drive (and that is questionable in alot of cases), then be responsible enough to obey ALL LAWS! Your life and mine depends on it.


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