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Dear Ms. Bitterness

Dear Ms. Bitterness. I call BS. You did not say you flew 150 times. You said you pased through our airport on a holiday. Just another dishonest person trying to stir up the stink on a wway forum because you don't have a lige and hanve nothing (its obvious) but bitter feelings for everyone. You also said everyone was rude at ILW, except now you say everyone is nice and you bought presents. (Breaks out worlds smallest violin and plays a sweet melody.)Perhaps you are one of those individuals who thinks they are better than everyone else. Because allegent hasn't been open log enough at ILM unless you flew to Florida every day for the past half of a year, that makes you beyond wealthy, one of those indivuduals who normall complains about everything in life and to answer your final question or unfounded remark, no I do not work at the airport. If I did, I wouldn't be able to afford to fly your graceship.. Hugs and kisses.... It sounds as if YOU are the onle with an unhappy career at ILM. I hear kmart is hiring...


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