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Do you really.........

think that is any drop in the bucket to the black market drug world. I think I heard a TWO year investigation and that is all the drugs they found. It is a joke, it just make the criminals become better criminals. This drug war in endless and worthless. There are just as many drugs in this community now, then before the big bust?. We give so many mixed messages to our children and wonder why there is a market for drugs. Example, if little Johnny can not focus in class, then may be he needs a little methamphetamine AKA Ritalin. I feel a little anxious, may be you need some Xanax. I commend the LE for doing the job that has been forced on them but there time can be well spent on other things. We have lost the war on drugs, NOW we have to look at other ways to try to solve this underground world.


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