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Thanks a lot

I don't have a problem with helping people in need, but does it have to be in the middle of downtown? I am sick and tired of going downtown at lunch or for dinner and having to walk through a huge group of homeless peole sitting at the library asking for money or a ride etc.. I feel that this is opening the door for more and more homeless to come here. If you are helping them in other ways to get off the street thats great, but it seems that they are just making it easier to survive on the street. I don't want to seem insensitive, but I will not bring my young son to the library due to the amount of homeless gathering right outside the doors. It smells its very dirty and who knows about the mental issues. The other concern is the alcohol use right out in the open. I might not be the smartest person, but I do know that a bottle of mountain dew shouldn't have brown liquid in it or a paper bag around it.


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