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First of all don't most places that you go, to have dinner, have a bar/ alcohol menu? Capt'n Bills isn't a bar to my knowledge- why don't you check out the web sie- It's a family establishment! On that note- doesn't Chuck E. Cheese serve alcohol? Hmmm.... Why are people so cruel these days? I mean no one is personally attcking you and I think it's sad that a few of you have taken it upon yourself to attack a family that has plainly given blame where blame is due. In not one single clip (that I have seen) has it stated that his sister is blaming anyone. Nor do I think anyone is in denial. Like someone said before- he is dead, what gratification do you get out of slandering what may or may not have happend? Suicide? That was just uncalled for- don't you think? Just my opinion but don't you think certain comments are better left unsaid?


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