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"die of an overdose in New Hanover County, your death will not be investigated." YOU SAID IT...why is the drug dealer being charged in a death for an...OVERDOSE...sure, he sold it..but that individual BOUGHT IT...and INJECTED it, swallowed it, etc...its NOT A MURDER DUDE! Why should my tax dollars be WASTED on someone who basically committed suicide? I think they would be better spent investigating things where people didn't kill themselves. Had the drug dealer held the guy down and injected him against his will...FINE the drug dealer is responsible...but in this case ONE-HUNDRED percent of the blame is on the idiot who took the drug to begin with. DON'T of today..THE MESSIAH has come, no more war, no more famine, we will all live in peace, get what we want, never have to work and never die! That is the mentality of the individuals that think a drug dealer should somehow be responsible for some guy taking a drug and dying. SURE the drug dealer deserves to die as well...and most likely his time WILL come...but it REALLY that hard to understand that BOTH parties when drugs are involved will ultimately get what they just gets it earlier than the other.


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