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Homeless society

Some of you people who make your comments on here about homeless people and the way of life are just wrong. I am not homeless by choice or by drugs or any kind of mental illenss. I came to North Carolina to get off the durgs and alcohol. I am in a shelter because it is cold outside and after now being in the shelter I stay in I would rather be on the streets. It is not the fact of getting free food or a bed or clothes who cares it is the fact that I am trying to get my life together to better myself and I can do that whether under a bush or in an apt. I do not panhandle for drugs or alcohol I do it because I just recently got my buss pass stolen and oh well it happens I am ashamed of where I am but only I can change that and I go out everyday looking for a job and bugging I have worked since I have been in North Carolina just certain situations happened not only on my part for me to lose my job. You all think the shelters out here are so wonderful you go to them for a couple of nights and experiance what we go through everyday with it. I know there are people out there who take advantage of it but damn don't critisize all of us when you do not know everyones situation. Stop looking at us like we are aliens and Yes there are some of us who actually would eat food it we said we were hungry and you bought us something. You go to someone and ask for a buck for a bus ride or a soda or a sandwich and see how they look at you. Thank God for some of the people who don't think like you all do cause the ones of us out here actually wanting to better ourselves would be dead on your streets. I am wanting to find a place to call my own without having to beg. These shelters don't help like you think they do trust me on that I have watched people get thrown out over the most stupidist things but then watched people come in head over heels drunk if they got money to drink they got money for other things that are more important but not all of us are like that. Have a heart to some of us that are not maybe normal but trying....


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