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These studies are inacurate because of the way they ar portrayed

After reading the Star New and learning of who was behind the no port issue I have a little clarity. For starters they are retirees that have moved here and want to create their own little haven at the expense of those that have always been here.
Studies indicating a rise in unemployment in port areas are inaccurate! Currently there is a rise in unemployment everywhere! The job losses at current ports in the country may show that unemployment rates increased in these areas but these lost jobs did not exist until the ports were built! Therefore it is not a loss of existing jobs but a scaling back of the new jobs due to overseas competition and due to trade deficits!
Ports still bring an abundance of cash flow to the areas they are in. Dundalk Marine Terminal in Maryland has remained competitive and has added services including a Cruse Ship terminal since the waning due to the losses of the steel industry with Bethlehem Steel at their peak.
As far as damaging the environment goes ...sure that happened in many of the areas and there are other industrial site in the US which became EPA Superfund Clean Up sites...many of them in New Jersey where No Ports founder is from. The facts are not being presented in a 100% open fashion but they are rather only presenting some of the facts in a smear campaign! Politics in it's purest form...mis-information a a little spinning of facts to suit ones personal wants and needs never mind the needs of the many....Lets just appease the wants of the few....those with the power and the money to get what they want!
Environmental Standards in place now would NOT allow improper design functions and procedure to be a part of building or operating a port in Southport. Those type of type of things are not allowed in industry anymore and with the community watchdogs in the area you can bet there will be tremendous over-site on this project to make sure everything is done properly. What is also failing to be mentioned is the fact that whether a new port employees 75, 175 or 1075 employees is that there will be a trickle down effect of work and money pumping into all the outside support systems that will be needed to operate a new port. Restaurants, Gas Stations, Mechanics for trucking, maintenance to the road systems and supply vehicles in and out of the port. This Port will benefit not only this are but the whole state as it will all be required to give the support systems a Port will need. Then there are the warehouse for storing what comes in and the distribution centers for shipping these products around the country! Somebody will have to work in these places that will not exist without this port.
It is extremely selfish and self centered for people to come into this area and then attempt to stop the biggest project that could ever come here to help all of those suffering in this recession we are in. You may have made your money and retired and are obviously willing to say " I'm Doing O.K. Screw the Rest of You"
It's time for all of you to back off and think of someone other than yourselves under the guise of being and environmentalist and a friend to the local citizens because you are neither.
Steve M. Dunn
Southport, BSL


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