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Why would The Port not be a

Why would The Port not be a good idea for young children? At least they would have the opportunity to work a good job with good benefits and be able to retire comfortable. This area has limited good jobs. The retired people have no problem moving here and complaining about everything, including the food. They left the environment that provided a good living for them while they worked because they could not afford the cost of living when they retired but they do not want the people of Brunswick County to be able to enjoy retirement and we HAVE to work to be able to afford the over inflated prices they are bringing with them like property taxes. "No Port Southport" has complained before that no one on the board at The Port is from here, but Laura Wilson is from Wilmington, and the rest are prominent NC business people from across NC that are working to better NC. How many of the committee of "No Port Southport" are from Wilmington or even NC? The Port is enviromentally friendly so why not give them the chance to do their studies and arrive at their plan? You do not see the air around The Port now so thick you cannot see - it is not even noticed. Why would property values go down when you have hard working long shoremen making the money these would make? How many hookers, bars, and tattoo parlors do you see on Burnett Street where The Port is located? Give them a chance to bring jobs and help the economy in this area.


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