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It will suck the life out of Southport

Simply stated: The proven tidal currents and The channels and prohibitive traffic needed to sustain the port will drain the Cape Fear Basin at a rate that will guarantee that the port will have maintenance needs that far exceed anything nearby. These downstream channels will no longer exists as they once have. Most will become secondary "backup" flood-stage outlet's only. Mainly commercial crab fishing and shrimp trawling and other "in river" species" of fish that are dependent on the tidal flow to propagate the species will suffer. The recent dredging of the river to a 48 foot depth mean high water will be no longer a dependable mark for getting ships to out hometown port. Wilmington will be sucked dry. In more ways than one. Shipping and commercial traffic (taxes), vital species that make this region original (environment), and an East coast port of importance to the Middle East. We cannot have a commercial port between us and our arms and the Middle East or a strike could shut down a war between the Israelis and whoever. That has never been part of the plan. Greed has come to SE NC and it is NOT in out best interest as a city, county, state or country! Atlantic sturgeon blue crab red fish speckled trout ocean flounder spotted flounder cape fear striped bass (recc) cape fear crab fisherman puppy drum These above, are all things that will become rare or gone in the near future with a port like this.


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