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Yes Port Southport

North Carolina New State Port In the small fishing community of Southport, North Carolina is a plan on the way to build an international state port that could handle the new shipping traffic predicted in the next decade. The Port Authority of North Carolina purpose building the port at a 605 acre site outside Southport, the land purpose is located between the Fort Fisher Ferry and the Progress energy intake cannel. “The land currently is being used as a pecan orchard by Pfizer pharmaceutical.”(Barrett) The new port will be able to 3 million twenty foot containers a year. The new international shipping port, planed to go in Southport will not only help the local community economy but also the state economy. The port will add much needed jobs and even more needed tax dollars to the state. Not only adding to the economy but will also be a great assets to the United States military. Also this project will also help improve our infrastructure at a much faster rate than it is moving now. With the port being much closer to the mouth of the river than the current Wilmington port will reduce the traffic up river and the chances of an accident. As mention before, the new port is going to play a big role in getting the states economy competitive with the other local states. “The NC International Terminal is forecast to bring nearly one-half million jobs and billions of dollars in tax revenues to the entire State.”(NC State Ports) The port staff will be a small part of the employment growth, most of the employment will be from business and manufacturing plants directly and indirectly involved with using container shipping. “The 11-county southeastern region had an unemployment rate of 5.7 percent in November, compared with 5.1 percent for the state as a whole and 5 percent nationally.”(Southport to be key port) As you can see from current unemployment rate, southeast North Carolina is currently above the national unemployment rate. The need to bring more jobs to North Carolina is necessary; we have lost several manufacturing plants due to our lack of ports able to handle the demand they need. For example: “BMW and Mercedes plants went to the port states of South Carolina and Alabama, respectively, changing those states' economies.”(Southport to be key port) The port will not only help the state economy but will also help the US Military. North Carolina has the most military bases than any other state. “The NC International Terminal will be located next to the Military Ocean Terminal at Sunny Point, a significant military operation. It will support North Carolina’s military growth initiatives. The U.S. Department of Defense has expressed support for a new port that could assist with military deployments.”(NC State Ports) Right now Sunny Point operates a dock for shipping ammunition, but with the new port the military could also help with the mobilization of military and equipment. Since the military could receive great benefits of having the port available for their use, will help in construction of the port and help develop the port for a safer for everyone and the environment and make it more efficient. For this port to be successful it has to have a good inland infrastructure, the only highways leading out of the city is NC 133(to Wilmington), NC 87(to US17 or US 74/US 76), and NC 211(to US 17 or US 74/ US 76). All three highways are two lane and in rough condition. The new port will help improve and four lane these three highways and also build a new road in the future. The new port will take in about eight thousand containers a day, but according to Tom Eager (chief executive officer of the Ports Authority) “Once off the ships, about 75 percent of the cargo would move across the state by rail.”(Southport to be key port) So according to that, roughly two thousand trucks will be use to move that cargo a day spread out in a twenty four hour period. Connecting the existing CXS line will be easy since there is already a line that runs just outside of Southport, all the way to the Pfizer plant right beside the purpose land purchase. The biggest problem most local citizen’s think of when they hear talks of the new port is traffic. They all think that the road system is crowded right now and the port will not help. “Eagar said highway access is among the key obstacles. According to the preliminary agreement between CenterPoint and the authority, they intend to meet with the N.C. Department of Transportation to come up with cost estimates and feasibility studies for the roads needed to accommodate the truck traffic.”(Gannon) They all know the concerns facing the roads in Brunswick County. They are not going to lay a port in Brunswick county with bad highway access. That would be bad business in their part, how would they move their products across land when they are stuck in a grid lock of traffic. As I mention before it would also help our need for better road systems to get built even faster than without the port being built. The next concern that faces the port brought up by a grassroots organization against the port (No Port Southport) is pollution the port will bring in. Right now California passed a new regulation on shipping. “The ship rule was adopted in 2005 and implemented last year. It addressed the use of auxiliary diesel engines within 24 nautical miles of the coast.”(Jones) The senator from California is trying to get a new bill to pass that will make it nation wide. Also with diesel become more expensive and less available, bio fuels are the new upcoming stars. “Biofuels burn cleaner than gasoline, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and are fully biodegradable, unlike some fuel additives.”(Department of Energy United States) They all can be use in the truck fleet and trains to reduce carbon emissions. There are ways to help make this port reduce the amount of pollution created and the government is making steps nation wide to make the difference in ports. The other topic that also was brought up by No Port Southport is the quality of life for marine and bird life. As new concern citizens of this world we are even more concern of our effects of wildlife and find ways to live together. When dams where first built they didn’t give much thought about what it could do to the fish population. Now they have installed creative ways to coincide with nature and their massive structures by creating ways for fish to get around them without harm. If the port was adversely effect the population of fish, birds, or another type of wildlife, an agencies will step in to find solutions and alternatives. If these people where so concern about wildlife they would not own a home, use any form of energy or use transportation other than their feet or animal power. Everything we do effects the other inhabits of the Earth but we find creative and manageable ways to live and grow together. In conclusion, the new state port in Southport, North Carolina is a very good ideal and is going to improve the area for local and state residents. The port will add much need jobs and taxes to the whole state. It will improve and get funding to improve our road system. And the military will gain much need assets for mobilization of troops and equipment. Overall it will out weight the negatives and everybody will see that it is a good project for this state to pursue. Work Sited: Barrett, Barbara. "Southport to be key port". The News & Observer. 06/29/08 . Department of Energy United States, "Biofuels & Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Myths versus Facts ". DOE. 7/02/04 . Gannon, Patrick. "Proposed new port in Brunswick County takes step forward". Star News Online. 06/29/08 . Jones, Chris. "Cargo Ships Get Pollution Pass in California". Matter Network. 7/02/04 . "NC State Ports - Economic Development". North Carolina State Ports Authority (NCSPA). 06/29/08 .


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