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No Port Southport

Unfortunately your assertion about the "Huge demand" for a port are not born out by the facts. First, the Port of Wilmington, according to the Port Authority's own report, is not being fully utilized, nor is Moorehead City. Second, multiple studies have shown that the area around a container port suffers economic decline, not growth. In fact, those studies show that the area around such ports realizes lower employment, lower income levels and higher unemployment. Third, making an analogy that the completion of an interstate (I-40) and the insertion of a major source of pollution in the form of a port is unsupportable. With plans for over 5000 diesel truck trips a day to/from such a port in Southport, the ecological impact would be staggering, much more severe than that of a moderately traveled interstate. As you would so easily throw out the "NIMBY" comment, I would retort that you apparently feel that supposed progress is ample argument for destroying a way of life.


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