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no more smoke screens to have to walk through

Well, Ms Hannah, you most certainly have the right to make your lungs black, shriveled and worthless, but you have forgotten the most important right of being an American that YOUR rights END where MINE start!! I only have one pair of lungs and want to keep them from becoming dysfunctional due to having to inhale YOUR smoke from your NASTY cigarette! CFCC sent out a survey for students to fill out concerning which areas to make smoke free. You would think that they would make the entrances of the Allied Health Building one of those areas, afterall, nursing students and other medical students must walk through the cigarette smoke to get to classes and you would think that school officials would want to keep future healthcare providers healthy so we can take care of people like Hannah who might end up with COPD later in life...but no, smoking is still permitted at the entrances to the Allied Health Building for all I can do is hold my breath as I walk through the smoke from the cigarettes of the faculty and students who have no respect for those of us who do not smoke and want to be able to breathe without difficulty later in life. I suggest they build smoke cages of glass with no ventilation and have the smokers go inside to smoke so they can inhale more toxins from their cigs. Sound cruel? Perhaps, but they would be only killing themselves and not other innocent people who do not smoke. My lungs. My Rights.


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