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My view, as a non-smoker

Our fathers and grandfathers went to war with a Lucky Strike hanging out of their mouth, and we not only whipped our enemies on two fronts, we whipped a depression that had tortured the country for a decade. In the post-war years we reached the pinnacle of our economic and military power even though every magazine we read had a full-color glossy of the Marlboro Man. We put a man on the moon thanks to engineers at NASA who usually had a pack of Winstons in their pocket and an ashtray on their desk. Now, take one brief look at the state of this nation today.....then tell me how cigarettes and smokers are our biggest concerns. Explain how even smelling a cigarette is the worse thing you have to face every day. After smoking one to two packs a day for twenty-seven years, I quit twelve years ago and I'm happy that I did. I'm even happier that I never became a totally obsessed, oppressive bully who equates smoking with nose-picking or public masturbation, and then dedicated my life to saving the world from cigarettes.


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