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I wonder....

Can you please show me the scientific data that proves breathing in someone else's fart can cause cancer in the person doing the breathing? Yes, our sense of smell is important, but not essential. There are plenty of people who for various reasons have lost their ability to detect smell. However, smelling is NOT the primary purpose of the nose and respiratory system. The primary function is BREATHING. Without the sense of smell, life can get boring, I'd imagine. But without breathing, WE DIE. So yeah, I tend to take it personal when someone else thinks their addiction to smoking is more important than my ability to breathe. Breathing in cigarette smoke second-hand is NOT the same thing as smelling a rose. Indeed, your attempt to equate BREATHING with smelling farts is simply ludicrous. Yeah, there's lots of air. Brilliant observation, Captain Obvious. What you failed to see, though, is that simply going outside is not enough. Ever attended an outdoor concert? I should not be expected to get up and leave simply because some smoker is weaker than a lil' ol' cigarette. Know what else? When I'm in my car at a red light, even with the windows all the way up, I can smell someone else's smoke inside my car. And before you go get your little panties in an even bigger knot, let me just state that NO, I do NOT think smokers should not be allowed to smoke in their own cars. My point is that cigarette smoke goes far beyond the little tiny bubble you seem to think it does. Geez...I shake MY head because you seem to think that breathing second-hand smoke and smelling something are the same. They're as different as night and day. Cheese...whine...violin...good ones. Boy, you really found something there that no one has ever said before. Way to be creative.


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