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tg2104 Some people are always talking about thier rights as non-smokers not to have to breath in smoke from other people and smokers should stay at home to smoke. What about the smokers rights? Smokers have just as much right to be out in public smoking as you have being out in public and not smoking. If all smokers rights are taken away, soon your rights as a non-smoker will start disappearing also.It is discriminationagainst smokers. I am a smoker and I have alot of friends who do not smoke. I respect the fact that they dont smoke and I only smoke on my porch so they can come in my house and not have to breath in smoke, but it is people who think they are better than most because they dont smoke make me angry. I bet most non-smokers drink alot of wine, beer,etc. At least I wont get in my car and kill someone because I was over the limit. And for the person who hates being at the beach and being downwind of a smoker, MOVE!!!!! Public beach???


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