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you are obviously not very

you are obviously not very bright. a lot of families are working with 1 paycheck as it is and if they lose it guess what that will cause problems. where do you work?? because let me tell you if the post office goes under guess who also will. hmmm lets think. stamp, envelope makers, truck drivers, catalog makers and the people you probably hate the junk mail makers. no need for catalog models so good bye to them too. there is a lot more at risk then just the post office. and banks do mail out the bills after you do bill pay. so either you could mail it out yourself for 44c and it wil get then in 3 days or you can wait for the bank and if you did that transaction on friday guess when it will leave there. oh yeah monday so now wait 3 days. what a world we live in where people could care less about the american jobs.


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