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5 day delivery

I have been a regular carrier for the Postal Service for over 18 years and I believe this is a terrible idea. The Postal Service employs almost 1 million people. This suggestion is suppose to help boost the economy? How? By cutting employees pay from 5,000 to 10,000 dollars per year? If they cut one day from my pay, my pay is cut 20%. Myself, along with about 300,000 other carriers will not be spending, because we won't have the money to spend, so is this going to boost the economy? How would any of you like to have your pay or retirement cut 20%? Yes, it will help the Postal Service's bottom line because the same amount of mail will be delivered, just in 5 days and not in 6. Every Monday will be just like the day after a holiday. On Monday we will in turn have to deliver Saturday, Sunday, and Monday's mail all on one day. Sunday you say? Yes, the mail is still sorted and transported on Sunday just like the other 6 days, it is just not delivered. Now on Monday we deliver the mail that arrives at our Post Office on Sunday, and the mail that arrives on Monday, after a delivery day is cut we will then have to deliver the mail for Saturday on Monday too. And get this, On Monday we are expected to deliver 2 or 3 days of mail within the evaluated time allowance for our route and be back in the office before the last truck back to Fayetteville leaves at 5:00 pm. Let's say you make footballs, and you are suppose to make 100 per day, but now your boss cuts Saturday from your work week. Now on Monday your boss tells you, you have to make 200 footballs (100 for Saturday, and 100 for Monday) in the same time period you were making 100 footballs before, but he was also going to cut your pay for the day out of work, but the weekly quota could not drop. This is how it is with the carriers. The weekly mail quota (volume) would remain the same but we now have 1 less day to case and deliver it, and the extra bonus is we do it and not get paid for it. I believe this is a terrible idea. Not only will the regular carriers lose 5 to 10 thousand dollars per year in salary, but the substitute carriers will more than likely lose their jobs. I heard the Post Office would still be open 6 days, and that the clerks would still work 6 days, but the mail would only be delivered 5 days. I guess the PO expects the carriers to foot the entire bill to be able to help the business and boost the economy. If you ask me the "mail count" already cuts our pay enough every year to to cover the carriers part in the scheme of things, now it is time to make cuts in clerks and management salaries to make up the rest. Oh, I also pay postage due for my customers, and most of them reimburse me the money, but I get stiffed sometimes too. AND did you know the Postal Service delivers MANY packages for UPS? UPS makes a delivery to our office every day and we have to deliver them. Bet you didn't know that, did you? It is called a trade off.


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