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Carriers and Clerks

FYI, I was a clerk for 5 years before becoming a carrier. What happened to the days when a clerk had to work a certain amount of letters or flats in a certain amount of time and were held to it? If that still stands, I wish someone would tell our management. I could go on and on about talking, laughing, eating, walking around, going outside while on the clock, making carriers wait on the mail, but I won't. I could add in the faults of carriers too, but I am sure every clerk and carrier is already aware of this. Isn't it weird how management overlooks these things, especially when they are so concerned with percent-to-standard? Maybe you misunderstood what I said earlier. From what we have heard the PO will still be open 6 days per week, and the mail will be worked as usual 6 days a week, but the carriers will be cut out of a delivery day which will cut our pay. If this is true, clerks will not be affected. I agree, management need their part in these cuts too. We have a supervisor that racks up about 900 extra dollars pay per month to run packages up and down the road so they can be delivered that day. How does paying a TRC to drive 300 miles or more and earn 6 hours pay in one day to deliver a 10 dollar package make any sense? Yes, the PO is wasteful, but I am thankful to have a job. UPS, Fed-Ex and almost every other employer in this nation seem to be just as wasteful if you look down deep in their operation. As for some other posters, our benefits are not provided to us 100% for a lifetime. We are charged for a portion of these benefits and these charges keep going up year after year. Our retirement is based on age and years worked and we get a percent of our highest 3 year salary, and believe me, it is only a small percentage. We are NOT included in the benefit package our congressmen and senators get.


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