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5 day work week

I am writing as a wife of a rural mail carrier, so I do have knowledge of this firsthand. My husband has been a carrier for 26 years. He was not interested in school and so after graduation, he focused on turning his part time job as a sub into a full time job. He suceeded at this and has stuck with it and enjoyed his occupation for the most part. We have raised 5 children and are still raising the last 2 on this salary. I am a stay at home mom, and I work hard to keep the house, the bills, and the kids in tact while he delivers the mail every day. I would love to have a normal life with a 5 day work week for my husband; weekends off like other people. However, this is not a good economic move for us and I am sure it would wreak havoc in the families of other carriers as well. We budget carefully, and it is still tough to make ends meet sometimes. If you cut my husbands' pay, our family suffers. This may not be a big deal to you, but to us, it is a big deal. As it is, we don't go out to eat much, and movies are pretty much out of the question. I shop at thrift stores, yard sales and clearance racks for most of our needs. We are very careful. How much are we expected to cut back? The management, however, is another story. When are they going to have to make a cut in their lifestyle? As with all companies, why do all the cuts always begin with the hard working people who make up the core of the company? Why are those of us barely struggling expected to tighten our belts even more, while management continues to get bonuses for cutting our pay???? And yes, that is how it works. When the count comes each year, the "big-wigs" do find ways to alter the volume of mail in hopes that the count will be low, so that route hours are cut, and they in the end are rewarded for their efforts, while we figure out how to do without a few more "luxeries" such as food, clothing, utilities! HA! Such irony! Take a trip for us on that bonus check! Enjoy your "Olive Garden" dinner for us too, please. Someone mentioned fuel costs! What a joke. My husband gets an allowance that is intended to cover maintenance costs, tires, insurance and fuel. The cost of all these items skyrocketed, but guess what! It took months before there was an increase in his benefit! And it did not even begin to come close to covering it. Thank goodness we don't owe anything for his delivery vehicle. I doubt we could have covered the fuel and the payment during that time. For those who don't have to experience this first hand, maybe you should get to know your mailcarrier and learn first hand that he is not taken care of by the government by any means. He/she is a hard working American who is trying to pay the bills and work toward a decent retirement. We are the core of this country. Families trying to make a living by honest work, honest values and trying to raise our kids by these same examples!


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