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I have been a mailman 11

I have been a mailman 11 years and know what goes on at the posy office. They cut overtime by hiring Temp employees whom they threaten with their job if they dont run their but off. Yes this is why you get mail that does not belong to you. I hope they cut the work week to 5 days. Only if they cut Saturday delivery. It would be nice to be home Saturday like many of the people I deliver mail to. Yes people will lose their jobs starting with the temporary employees and then the junior employees. The layoff clause protects employees with over 6 years. So the new hirees with no experience will be the first to go. Also they should offer early retirement. I have to work until im 57 which will mean I will have 34 years of service. I would take less of a pension if they cut the 30 year requirement to 20 or 25 years. My body hurts now everyday when I get home. I cant wait to see how it will be when Im in my 50s walking ten miles a day. Many people dont know but we are sometimes ( everyday) forced to work 10 hours and 6 days a week because management will properly plan a schedule.It would also make since for the post office to pay me a salary to carry my mail at my own pace and not worry about hours. They pay postmasters $90,000 a year to look at numbers and harrass carriers to go faster. Do away with highly paid managers and pay me fairly to do the job and there will be no problem


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