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Guest666 is a moron

Hey buddy, I'm a rural carrier and I know firsthand how the USPS works. First off, how dare you're arrogant butt tell that substitute carrier and teacher "there is always Hardees and McDonalds". I'll bet if your boss came to you and said "you're no longer needed-get out" you probably would not be thinking about burger flipping. What about the fact that the USPS is the USA's second largest employer? You think the economy is bad now?? Let all those subs lose their jobs and then let's see how much worse it gets. I've bought well over a hundred dollars worth of stamps for people over the years also. The person whose mail is getting returned either has an inexperienced carrier or one with an attitude problem. Rural carriers normally do not "go postal", we are mostly bible-believing people who are scraping to get by. I'm sick of people knocking the postal service, sure there's problems just like in all companies, but most of the problems stem from the top management. Potter just got a huge raise and bonus - I got my pay cut almost 5,000 a year last year and will probably suffer another loss this year. We get paid directly from mail volume, when we count mail the volume declines so does our pay-hurting the economy more. When the mail count is over the mail volume increases magically, but our pay does not. If the USPS goes under, as some of you wish, so does 8,000,000 jobs. The USA will basically cease to exist as a first-world nation if that happens. Also, I've been a carrier for 9 years and I still make under 50K a year, that ought to make you haters happy.


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