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My daughter has been getting harrassed since 5th grade. I was hoping when she started middle school things would change, they didn't. they got worse, (and the school is fully aware of the situation). On March 15th, I had to call the police for obscene voice mails and text messages and over 50 calls in 20 mins, from 2 girls she goes to school with. They lied to the cop and said they didn't do anything, and after he said I have phone records, they confessed. The outside bullying stopped, but at school it got worse. On March 24, my daughter called me from school to bring her an inhaler, when I got there she started crying and told me she can't handle it anymore. It happened to be lunch so I went with her to lunch and those girls were rolling their eyes and pointing at her. I walked up to them and told them to "Knock it off". I then received a ticket for Disordely Conduct and a Notice of Trespass the next day. I have court for "Victimizing" the bullies on April 26th. The only victim here is my daughter, and I as a parent defended my child, while the court system is allowing this behavior to go on by turning the bullies into the victims.


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