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I feel your pain.. My daughter has been bullied since 6th grade, She is a Sophmore in high school now and every year I would hope it would get better. Girls are vicious they recruit other girls.
In 6th grade my daughter was excluded from others by these girls, no one wants to be seen talking to the victim and my daughter spent many lunch periods alone. She had her phone and several other items stole and found in the toilet, She was pushed into bushes, ridiculed daily and If she said anything then it would become worse. Finally I ended up in the principals office every day and I do mean every day. I would come equiped with articles about school bullying and how principals did not want to deal with these issues, with articles on the effects of bullying for the student and finally a daily report that I had my daughter sit down daily and describe how her day would play out names included ( my daughter would hate this but I had enough). We did this daily for at least two weeks. On one occasion I saw one of the girls sitting outside the school and when my daughter walked past her she made a rude comment, I got out of the car and said let's go talk to the principal she finally walked into the office and I turned her over to the principal after I told him what I witnessed.( I really wanted to be very rude myself and it took alot not to ) The principal had several meeting with my daughter and apparently had no idea how to handle the situation cause he made several comments like what is it about you that they want to bully you and what can we do to change you?
Upon hearing this on my next daily visit I asked him what my daughter did wrong? when he said nothing, Then I asked why she would need to change and not these students with the bad behavior...
The principal agreed that he had no idea of what to do to make it stop and was deeply apalogetic. He allerted every teacher about the situation and said he wanted anyone acting even slightly rude to be sent to the office for questioning, He had hall monitors watching for any bad behavior and finally he gave very stiff punishments to all involved.. That year took alot of persistance but it did seize for that year.
I wont lie to you and say that was the end, cause every year has been new issues and heartache. This past week My daughter was assulted in the hallway by a girl she barely knows,( this is the first time anyone has been this physical) but later found out that the girl throws cookies at my daughter every day at lunch. When the girl grabbed my daughter and hit her, My child cursed but did not fight back, as instructed by school policy however my daughter was suspended for half a day for cursing, The other girl was given alternative education for 20 days amd a ticket. I am very lucky my child has become very resilant and takes most things with a grain of salt now, She is a president on the drill team she stays involved in a lot of activities to keep her confidence going, and I pray for High school to be over. But sixth grade was the begining of this long battle for us and was very emotional for us both. She wrote many dark and depressed letters and I was very concerned. Although I have found it almost impossible to change other peoples behavior I have found that what helps my child is being involved in many activities outside of school and in,Even if is volenteering, library club, ETC. Making sure she knows you are in her corner, and she has many people that love her, counceling sometimes helps to get it out to an unbias source and be extremely persistant to those leaders who's responsibility it is to keep those schools safe.. I also have an 8 year old daughter and she is already coming home telling me things that lead me to be concerned for her at school. This next year we are enrolling into a nearby school that takes out of district students, We shall see how it goes. will pray for a happy resolve for you and your child.. I know how helpless it can feel.


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