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Bullies are also in nieghborhoods

My 11 year old grandaughter went to see her cousin across the street from her house. Her cousins mother is her 2ed cousins and has a new boyfriend with 3 children of his own. Anywhy, My grandaughter was pushed by this mans child and when my granddaughter tried to catch her balence she hit the girl in the face. The man and his children and her adult cousin along with another child that has nothing to do with it just a niegbor boy confronted my daughter about what happened but made it seem it was all my grandaughters fault. My question is my granddaughter had no reason to hit someone she doesn't know and was not threated by. I feel my daughter handled the situation with dignaty and respect. She told him kids will be kids and grouned my granddaughter and told her she will no longer be allowed to fo to see her cousins. A few days later while my granddaughter and her friend where walking around in the nieghbor hood, She was trapped by 7 children in the nieghborhood that threatened to beat her up and called her names and her mother names, some of these kids where 4 years her senior. She gotr away and was terrified. The police will not do nothing and the landlord of the park will not do anything. Last year these same kids did something simular to my grandaughter and it esculated to the point where my daughters car was keyed. No proof, no witnesses nothing can be done. My daughter is so scared for her daughters safety she cried and cried yesterday. These are a gang of ruffians that control the whole mobile home park. There needs to be a state law to charge parents and children that gang up on a single child not only at school but in the nieghborhood. Children should not have to live in fear that older children will hurt them. Children should not have to live in fear when their is many against one. Children should not take matters in their own hands when the parents of the children involved worked thing out. I hear it all the time "right of passage" it is not a right of passage when it is many against one.


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