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I agree completely I was bullied when I was in high school and now my son has been bullied. I would come pick my son up from elementary school and he would have black eyes he was kicked in the chest and ribs while the teachers stood in the distance talking and not paying attention. My son money was taken from him everyday and threatened he became quiet, he gained a lot of weight, he was sad all the time. He is in a new school district this year and he is nervous and has anxiety attack thinking what could happen this year. I spoke to a parent that was with this district last year about the school she seem like she wanted to tell me more but didn't want to worry me so I spoke with the principle also and she didn't even make me feel any better. I'm tired of worrying about my children at school were they should be safe.I feel they should make bullying a felony, suspending a student, giving fines aren't doing anything cause the parent is paying that, detention not doing nothing we need to take this more serious and our children will stop committing suicide and or clicking and shooting up the schools and killing innocent kid. If kids knew they were facing time they wouldn't do it it's a serious matter so it should be a serious consequence


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