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Just do it already

As I read all of these comments I just simply laugh. The Yankees compalin about something. The locals complain about the Yankees. The way I look at it is like this. Every time someone moves to this area, they think they are the last person who should be able to reside here. Seriously, not one of us "Southerns" are from here. We may have been born here and we may have the twang in our vocies but our mommies and daddies or grandma and grandpas came from somewhere else... We do need progress. We do need to grow. We do need annexation! We need to have intelligent politicians that make decisions that benefit our community. What we really need is a plan. Local or non-local we need to unite behind our god given right to an elevated quality of life. We need to seriously consider if these crazy ideas like the Titan project are in our best interests. Here is what I propose. Let's just make the whole county one big City of Wilmington. That way, the annexed portions see a small tax increase and the current city limits see a reduction in tax costs. Lets run our City like a business and not a blood sucking tick. Let's face it we are all locals till we die!


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