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We get all the "benefits" of the city?

HAHAHAHAHA! What might those benefits be? The wino tour, downtown? The overpriced mall? The intersection of Market and New Center? Oleander and College? The two-thirds of the city that you dare not walk in after sundown, unless you are armed with a bazooka and wearing a Kevlar vest? Face it - your city is mostly a dump. That's why they wanted Landfall and the Masonboro areas, that's why they have their eye on Porter's Neck and Figure Eight. Pure greed, trying to raise the average home value above what you'd blow on a good vacation. The county residents want no part of it, and smart people are starting to take their business outside the city. I just convinced a neighbor to buy his new pickup in Jacksonville. Until the business owners of Wilmington vote out the Nazi storm troopers on the city council, they'll continue to see their revenues decline. Boycott Wilmington!


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