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The Gallaghers and Gerard were my old neighbors in my little quite town in Upstate Ny fro abut 10 years. when we were younger Gery and I would hang out and we all thought he was different because we were country boys and he moved here form the city. We got along as friends and traded baseball cards and hung out. My parents did not want me hanging out with him to much. Come to find out they were pretty good at judging his character. He ended up breaking in and robbing our house one night with one of his friends. He stole my nintendo and games and was cought 2 days later at his freinds apartment playing them. That was his first arrest. His parents Laura and Jim (the victems) were very nice folks and always talkitive and cool to me. We could always here allot of argueing and yelling from next door but we though thats how city folks talked. To the person who is concerned about his safety in his quite neighborhood I know where he is coming from but we have lived here for 30 + years and that was the only crime on the hill. I know Gerry had a sister and brother who seemed like good people. Laura and Jim made some freinds here in Deposit and we are sad to hear about this. This is not a case where he was raised wrong they were good parents. Gery was obviously mentally unfit and the worst outcome happend.


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