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Wow! Are YOU naive!

The "troubled youth" you speak of range up to seventeen years old. Right now, police are searching for a seventeen year old male escapee from a group home that stands 5'7" and weighs 196. Care to meet him in your driveway at midnight? Check out the case of the three little darlings in Utah, who beat the group home director over the head with a frying pan, stole her keys, car, wallet, checkbook, cellphone and took off. Here's a clipping from a news story out of california: "A convicted drug dealer who escaped with four other teens from a Yucaipa group home was in the custody of San Francisco authorities Thursday, who said they are searching for the others in Northern California, a San Bernardino County probation official said. The information came as San Bernardino County pressed San Francisco for a full accounting of how many illegal immigrant criminals the city has placed in group homes in the county. After reports that at least five youths from Honduras -- all convicted of narcotics offenses in San Francisco and believed to be in their mid to late teens -- had fled a group home in Yucaipa last month, San Bernardino County officials said they would hold San Francisco responsible for any probation and law enforcement costs. They also said they would sue the city, if necessary." Is there any doubt as to the type of scum they put in group homes? Is that what YOU want in your neighborhood? These type of facilities belong in the middle of the Green Swamp, surrounded by barbed wire. Residential neighborhoods are no place for a concentration of CRIMINALS, and that's exactly what these people are.


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