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no one is illegal

Thanks surfcitytom for your usual spewing of talking points from the right that are skewed from ignorance and generally originated in political rhetoric, ironically, from teh republicans who were more likely to import undocumented, cheap labor to this country or to oursource our jobs to cheap labor overseas than anyone else. They just know they can rile up a few folks who do look below the surface of their "statistics" to see what they have done to keep their profits high and their morality low. But beyond the obvious for those who actual think beyond want they hear from Boris and Natasha (Limbaugh and Hannity), there is no such thing is an illegal person. A person cannot be illegal..these folks are undocumented workers or folks who are in this country illegally, but they are not is not PC or is a way to characterize somebody as less than Human and any news agency that does it is practing policies of degradation.


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