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Let's see

an immigrant is someone who immigrates to another country. by your own words, "...these folks are undocumented workers or folks who are in this country illegally..." Combine illegal and immigrant and you have illegal immigrants. Seems simple enough to me. But let's play devils advocate. How about letting the United States mirror the immigration laws of Mexico? How about treating immigrants, without proper documentation, in the same manner as Mexico does? Would that be fair? If you check, the Mexican government runs illegal immigrants straight to the border and tosses them out. No appeal; no waiting in a cell; straight to the border. So let's treat illegal immigrants, in this country, in the same manner illegal immigrants are treated in Mexico. What could be more fair? And if we really want to be fair, let's require legal immigrants, those with proper documentation, to bring the same level of assets into this country as would be required in Mexico. What could be more fair? Treat them in this country in the same manner they are treated in Mexico.


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